21 March 2010


I don't know what got into me, but this afternoon I turned on C-Span and started watching some of the "debate" about the healthcare reform bill. It is not a debate, in spite of them calling it that. It's 435 assholes (every single one of whom, by the way, enjoys government provided healthcare) posturing for the people who fund their campaigns.

All of them have already made up their minds about how they plan to vote. There is not one of them who will have, or is open to having, their mind changed by this final "debate." All it is, is their last chance to get on the record before the bill is voted on, so that they can tell the other assholes who mostly finance their re-election campaigns that they tried to stop or tried to pass the bill.

I could only stomach so much of that.

Luckily, I remembered that it's getting late in the baseball spring training season and that on a Sunday, there might be a Dodger game being televised. There is. Suddenly I switched from the noxious panderings of our elected representatives, to the soothing, intelligent, witty, informative dulcet tones of Vin Scully. He is starting his 61st year broadcasting Dodger games. I've been listening to him for most of those years.

Vin Scully reminds me of all that's right with the world. He comforts me in times of sorrow and despair and frustration. I credit him with teaching me a great deal of the English I speak and write.

Oh Vinny, if only all those Congressional-fucktards would yield the floor to you, we'd all be better off for it.

My day was saved. I hope you find some way of salvaging yours, too.

Oh, and one last thing: the other day I saw a protest sign held up at a Tea Party Rally. It read: "Don't let the government take over Congress." Ya gotta love these people sometimes. Really, if Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert had come up with that, people would have criticized them for going too far and making up stuff that was unbelievably over the top stupid. I do so love it when people do the best job of satirizing themselves.

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