13 October 2010


There's a new interview with me by Morgan St. James at the Examiner.com. You can find it by clicking on this sentence.

Meanwhile, I've mostly been up to my ears in trying to finish the second novella in the trilogy I'm writing. As it takes place along the L.A. River, I've been spending a lot of time around and near the river. You may or may not recall that I have a great fondness for commercial nursery farms underneath powerlines. I recently came across a new one that I liked. There's a scene set there in the new novella. Here's a couple of pictures:

I also recently wandered around downtown L.A. during the first, hopefully monthly or even weekly (fingers crossed) CicLAVia. That's an event in which they close the streets along a route - in this case 7-1/2 miles from my neighborhood to Boyle Heights in near East L.A. - so that cars, skaters, pogo stickers, walkers, whatever, can wander the streets unmolested. Food trucks and carts set up along the way. People wore odd costumes. Bands played. It was fun. Here's a few pics of that:
March Fourth Marching Band - from Portland, Oregon. They were great, fun and bizarre.
Mennonites on Broadway.

Oh yeah, and last night I engaged in a taco crawl with the ever fabulous - though sadly unable to eat the requisite amount of salt - Christa Faust(pictured below under the watchful eye of a giant shrimp), her, now mine too, Scottish crimewriting, now taco convert buddy Russel McLean (seen here with cleaver and al pastor wheel), and Bill Krauss, my regular cohort in taco crime and an all around bon vivant.