07 September 2011


And of course I went, as I do every year that I can, with my standing County Fair Companion, the multitalented juggler who wears numerous hats - writer, save-the-worlder (or at least improve it), crazed long-distance runner, bunny lover, etc. - Ashley Ream.

And, as I also do every year, I took some pictures. They can tell you more about my experience of the Los Angeles County Fair than I can. So here goes:

There were a lot of people at the Fair other than us:

And of course there were other sorts of animals, too:

And I mentioned that Ashley loves the bunnies. The real ones were out of reach in pens, so I made her pose with this poor young woman who was no doubt sweltering inside of her bunny suit:

And what would a county fair be without stuff to judge and award ribbons to? Here are some pie contest judges, pie contest entrants anxiously awaiting judgement, and a previous cake winner.

People waited for rides and then went on rides.

And people ate stuff, lots of stuff, most of it really bad for them (and me.) The best thing I ate at the Fair was the porkchop on a stick ("A delight like no other.") It was indeed a delight, excellent even, but really, it was very similar to many other porkchops I have had, only on a stick. The Fair seemed the wrong place for sushi. Neither of us was tempted by Buster's 2 lb Belly Buster burger. But other people were.

But the Fair doesn't want to leave its patrons without ways in which to improve themselves as well, physically (and even spiritually but I didn't take pictures of the Christian, Muslim, Scientology or other such booths.) I don't know how long you'd have to stand on the Magic Fit to work off one of those 2 lb burgers, but I imagine it would take quite a while. And if something you ate stained your teeth, well, you could have that taken care of, too. And lastly, if it was all just too much, you could relax in a massage chair.


I'm leaving Saturday for one of my road trips. I shall attempt to blog at least once from every place that I spend time. Here's where it looks like I'm going:

Winslow, AZ - overnight stop
Albuquerque, NM - overnight stop
Amarillo, TX - overnight stop
Norman, OK - overnight stop
St. Louis, MO - Bouchercon, 4 nights
Memphis, TN - 2 nights
Clarksdale, MS (Mississippi Delta) - 5 nights
Dallas, TX - overnight stop
Van Horn, TX - overnight stop
Tucson, AZ - overnight stop

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