09 July 2011


What is wrong with us Americans? Why do we fawn all over and swoon at the site of members of the British Royal Family? William and Kate are no more than the latest odious, spoiled, inbred relics of the bad old days to pollute our shores and snarl our traffic. Every single thing that they represent, every fabric of their being is antithetical to the ideals that the United States was founded on. We fought a revolution against these assholes! Do I really have to repeat all that's wrong with the very concept of royalty?

Sheesh, if I was King, I'd give the bastards 90 days to vacate all of their ill-gotten premises and move into council housing or off with their heads. (And that's more lenient than I used to be on the subject. I must be mellowing with age.)


Stephen Parrish said...

You rant against their offices, and I agree; there's no place in a modern democratic society for royalty. But gosh darnit, they're just too likeable and popular to depose.

Eric said...

What's so likeable about them? No, really? The only reason we've ever even heard of these largely untalented, essentially uninteresting, and somewhat plain looking people is their offices.

Stephen Parrish said...

Yer right, call a man a prince, and he will have no problem finding gerls who want to marry him. Even if the only attraction is the title.

As long as a majority of Brits favors the monarchy, the monarchy will continue. In a strange way it's democracy at work.

Bill Hedman said...

Eric, Bro, Bullshit. Kate's HOT!finally, the "Royal Family" may become better looking through "out breeding" (to a point). Maybe Megan Fox, Mayte Maria Rodriguez and Jessica Alba should be thrown into the mix. The originals? I agree, they're not likeable, they're reptilian.