18 February 2011


I'm in Bangkok and I've written, rewritten and want to rewrite yet again a blog post about it. Plenty of mixed feelings going around and it doesn't make the task of telling you - my faithful readers - about it an easy one. Don't worry, I'll get there sometime in the next day or two.

But, by way of a teaser, here's a picture of what much of Bangkok really looks like as one walks around in the 90 + degree heat and poach-an-egg level of humidity. There are some pretty things in the city, hardly even so much as an entire pretty part of the city, though. The pictures most people bother showing of Bangkok leave out what it really looks like. Take a look at this, try to conjure up the heat and humidity and stench of auto exhaust and other pollutants and cooking odors ranging from appetizing to gag inducing, imagine the noise and the constant brushing against you of people on the street pressed together by endless rows of vendors and their stands crowding the sidewalks.
Keep in mind that the color in this picture is a great deal more saturated than the color really is here. Most things are viewed through a haze of smog and smoke and grit and it is only because my camera is lying to you that the colors look so vibrant.

But what this blogpost is, is a bit of BSP for my eBooks. They are now available in pretty much any format you might want: Kindle, B&N (Nook), and on LuLu for iGizmos, SONY E-Reader, etc.

If you want one - which of course you do - all you have to do is click on this paragraph to go to the page on my website where you can order whatever format suits you by clicking on the cover of the book you want. (You can also still order the paper and ink versions, ideally from your closest independent bookseller, but of course from Amazon and such places as well.)

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