15 December 2009


I don't know that I want to write much at the moment. There's a whole city full of crazy stupid stuff going on some 61 floors below me and soon I want to descend into it. I'm on a three day visit to Las Vegas for no good reason other than that I got a really good deal on a room at the Wynn Encore and wanted to get out of L.A. to somewhere - anywhere.

I'll give you plenty of gory details later. I will tell you, though, that one of the highlights so far is that the only Christmas music I have been subjected to was in a taxi. The driver was playing "White Christmas" at near deafening volume. He was a Muslim from Nigeria. He loves "White Christmas" and it had just come on the radio. Go figure.

Here is a small preview of some photos from the trip so far:The very way cool, new, City Center Las Vegas.

The always ridiculous Venetian.

$4,200 per pair Manolo Blahnik shoes.

What $4,200 shoes make me want to do.

More to come.


Ann said...

me too.

Kurt Taylor said...

Cool! Writers who shoot, of which I am one.