22 March 2009


I've been on a few walks around my - extended - neighborhood lately. I live in the hills between downtown L.A. and Hollywood in an area called Silverlake. I've walked around here and in the Hollyood Hills and in Echo Park (both of which border Silverlake.) There's a lot of odd architecture, some great views, colorful and varied plantlife. It's Sunday. I don't want to think about politics. I don't want to think about electronic rights - an issue since FLIGHT OF THE HORNBILL is now available on Kindle. So, here's some pictures from my recent walks:

Madonna used to live here. (above) And this was her view. (below)
Not my idea of a great backyard, but better than having your house wiped out by a landslide.
Spectacular view from a lot where a house burned down a long time ago. I've got to go back when the light is good and there isn't something strange on my lens.And, this is from the March Artwalk in Downtown L.A. It's a plastic, 3D face, in an art gallery, that keeps changing color and expression. It was pretty cool.

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